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West Hartford Floor Sanding Refinishing

Hardwood installation is one of the best investments one can ever do to add beauty to their home. At our company, we take your investment to a greater level by adding the sanding refinishing. We offer the best sand refinish flooring in Connecticut. Our refinishing products come in beautiful appearance, timesaving installation and exceptional durability. We make sure that your hardwood floors have the best finish ever.

Our team of expert is personally involved in the project and during the process it will offer valuable advice on which type of wood is best for your floor. We all know that hardwood floors go with every style and design. With our wholesale pricing, nearly everyone can afford this product. For more information on sanding refinishing, please call us today.

West Hartford Floor Installation, Borders & Medallions

Want a distinctiveness in your hardwood flooring? This could be the best service that you need for that natural attractiveness and that incredible inherent uni9quenesss of custom designs. We offer this as part of hardwood floor installation both at new and at existing home. Besides it can be as an addition to an existing floor surfaces when it comes to borders, our experts can make it according to you dream. It also comes in decorative patterns and numerous designs.

We customize our designs to fit your formal areas like the foyers and dining rooms. Our medallions designs can get according to the clients need and specification. We will make these medallions be the most focal point in whatever room that the customers want them to be.

West Hartford Wood Flooring Sales

Wood flooring sales is one of the services that we specialize in. We offer this to add a massive value to your home. Wood flooring comes in every style and design. We are aware of the market trends. As such we thrive to bring the best variety of wood, stains and finishes on the market.

West Hartford Carpet and Tile Sales and Installation

When it comes to carpeting, it is no doubt we have the sheer amount of choices for our clients. Our experienced personnel are always on the ground to help in sorting the options and make the most informed decision that is right for you.

Our carpets are easier to maintain, our products are treated to stand up smudges, animal messes, food stains and high traffics. Unlike other wholesalers, we have financing options making it possible for our clients to have the carpeting of their dreams. Next time, you think of carpeting, think us![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]