Tile Flooring Not Just for Bathrooms and Laundry Rooms

Choosing tile is both economical and environmentally friendly. Porcelain tile stands up to years of wear and tear, without cracking, chipping, or even dulling. All types of tile are extremely durable and will look beautiful in any or all rooms of your home for generations to come.

Because it is made using environmentally friendly processes and often with all natural materials, tile is a great option when it comes time to pick new flooring.

Why Choose Tile for Your Preferred Flooring?

Tiles are created from natural products extracted from the earth; the main ingredient is clay, along with sand, feldspar and water.

Tile flooring is sustainably sourced from nature, contain no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), no PVCs (PolyVinyl Chlorides – phthalates and chlorine, suspected to be endocrine disruptors), no formaldehyde which is a respiratory irritant, and no allergens.

Tile flooring improves your home resale value, provides your home with a classic timeless look, is low maintenance, easily cleaned, can easily handle heavy foot traffic, is stain proof, fire resistant, water proof, and scratch proof. 

Tile flooring has the lowest carbon footprint of any flooring, and is green certified since it is completely free of VOCs.

What’s not to love about tile flooring?

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