Newington Connecticut Flooring

Newington Flooring’s Hardware Sales and Installation

Hardwood flooring is a terrific investment that will last for generations with proper installation, maintenance and care. It’s a classy flooring choice, in which you’ll have a wide array of woods, sealants, stains, and finishes to choose from. Our company works directly with distributors who provide whole sale pricing with financing options. So although this is a more expensive flooring solution, you will get extremely low pricing with us

Newington Flooring’s Carpet Sales and Installation

There are more carpet choices than ever before, and it’s still one of the most beautiful flooring options. Fortunately, maintenance has also greatly improved. Today you can find brands of carpets that are specially treated to withstand heavy traffic, pet accidents, food stains, smudges and other similar problems. Contact us today and consult with one of our sales team members to see the wide variety of carpet our company has to offer!

Newington Flooring’s Luxury Vinyl Tile Sales and Installation

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is a great contemporary option for those who want the color and style of other flooring, like hardwood or marble, but not the cost. It also gives the homeowner a quick change option, so it’s great for those who like to update often. This type of flooring has really been growing in popularity, since there are so many varieties. LVTs even mimic the feel and texture of other flooring materials. If you haven’t considered vinyl and are looking for a low-cost option, call us today.

Newington Flooring’s  Tile Sales and Installation

If you want a smooth, stylish surface that can handle serious traffic, then tile is a great option for you. With literally thousands of style and color options, it’s one of the most versatile options in flooring today. It’s also an eco-friendly choice, as it’s often made with all-natural materials and through the use of environmentally friendly processes. As far as durability, porcelain tile last for years without chipping, dulling, or cracking. Though it used to be favored in only bathrooms and laundry rooms, tile today is used in rooms all over the home.

Newington Flooring’s Hardwood Floors Refinishing

If you live in an older home with hardwood floors and have pets or kids that stay on the go, you might be considering having those floors refinished. Wear and tear occurs naturally over the years when you live in a home, and you may not have even noticed until you take a closer look. Evaluate your hardwood floors by viewing them in natural light. The typical hardwood floor can be sanded down and refinished a few times over the span of its lifetime. Call on our professionals with over 25 years of experience to help your hardwood get that warm glow again.