Morris CT Flooring

Morris Wood Flooring Sales

Are you looking for an investment that will immediately increase both the beauty and the value of your home? Installing hardwood floors is the answer, and our experts will assist you every step of the way. At Connecticut Flooring, we offer a vast selection of hardwood floor designs and styles, and we always strive to ensure that we have the latest styles in high quality woods, stains, and finishes. When you purchase from us, you’ll be sure to find flooring that will fit your home and lifestyle perfectly.

Morris Floor Installation, Borders, and Medallions

As our hardwood flooring experts and experienced contractors install your new flooring, they will follow your instructions to create a style that’s distinctively your own. A wide variety of custom design options are available to you, including borders, patterns, and unique and beautiful medallions and inlays, sure to be the centerpiece and focal point of your newly-floored room.

Morris Floor Sanding, Refinishing, and Staining

If your home has wooden floors that have fallen into disrepair, we can help. As with installing new wooden floors, having Connecticut Flooring carefully and thoroughly restore your home’s old wooden floors is an investment worth making, one that will immediately make your home more beautiful and more valuable. Our experts restore your floor with careful precision, exposing the beauty that time and wear had hidden for so long. Our hardwood sanding and refinishing services buff away every bit of unwanted or damaged wood, restoring the original hardwood floor’s shape and texture, and then stain the repaired wood, leaving a finished product that will increase the worth, durability, and aesthetic value of your home.

Morris Carpet and Tile Sales and Installation

Do you have a floor that could use some beautiful new carpet or carefully laid durable tiling? Connecticut Flooring has the products and the service you need. We carry a vast selection of carpet and tile, encompassing a wide variety of styles, colors, layouts, patterns, and designs to match your home. Like all of our material, our carpet and tile are of the highest quality, and are durable, easy to clean and maintain, and meant to handle life’s messes, whether big or small. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff are always available to assist you in finding the exact carpet or tile you want, expertly narrowing down our selection until you find precisely what you’re looking for.

Let us help you make your home more beautiful and valuable. Don’t hesitate: call Connecticut Flooring Morris for a consultation today.